To The New Mom Who Feels Completely Lost…

To the new mom who feels completely lost, you’re not lost. You’re not lost because all of us have been where you are – some of us even a few times. And some of us are still where you are despite acting like we’re not.

You had a baby and your whole world changed all at once. Your relationship with your significant other is not what it once was. It’s different but you’re really not sure how or why. Your nights you used to spend watching Netflix alone are no longer yours. You no longer get to put yourself first because any time you try, there is a little human who will remind you they need you. And while you don’t regret having this baby, you long for your “normal” life back. 

The truth is mama, you’ll never get your normal back. The sooner you accept that the sooner you can begin to work toward your new normal. A new normal where you pee a little bit every time you sneeze. You and your loved one will adapt to your new roles as mom and dad soon. It will take time but your relationship will soon be stronger than ever. You’ll figure out how to work around your babies schedule in order to get everything done you need to. Eventually, you’ll be able to take a 15 minute shower while your baby naps across the house and you won’t be panicking. You’ll find that coffee is your new best friend, even if you’ve never been a coffee drinker. You’ll have moments when you run to the bathroom and ugly cry like you’ve never done before. I know all of this because I have been through it, and am still going through it. 

Please remember a few things as you’re enduring your first month as a new mom. Remember that for every time you cry out of frustration, there will be ten moments you look down at your sleeping newborn and wonder how you ever lived life without them. Remember to not only take care of your new baby, but to also take care of yourself. Lastly, please please remember that no matter how perfect that “Instagram mom” may seem, I promise you she too has moments where she loses it just like you.

Entering A New Season

September first has passed. For most people that means it is officially acceptable to put out your pumpkins and start drinking hot beverages again. For those of us in the southern states, we never really get to have a true fall. Fall in Florida means wearing booties and scarves and pretending like you’re not sweating buckets of sweat when you walk to the car. Every holiday season, I do what I can to make it feel like Fall. I turn my AC down to 68. I bring out all the blankets. I buy enough fall candles to last a lifetime. The way many people believe the new year begins a new journey, I believe the first of September begins a new journey. Kids have fallen back into the school day routine, the weather cools down a few degrees, and something about the season change makes people a tad friendlier.

This fall not only brings a new season and new decorations for my tiny family. This fall will bring a new baby, a new lifestyle to adjust to, and new traditions as we enter our first holiday season as a family of three. I am ecstatic to form new traditions, experiment in the kitchen, and figure out this life they call motherhood. I intend on writing a lot more for the blog. Nothing better than sitting in a coffee shop with a hot latte for a few hours. The holiday season also brings out the little chef in me so be prepared to see some yummy recipes. 

I am looking forward to the next few months of growing, creating, and sharing these new experiences with all of you.

September CandySeptember Candy

Third Trimester Bumpdate

Experts all have a different opinion on when the third trimester officially starts, though most will say between 26-29 weeks. Any way you look at it though, I am officially in the home stretch as they say. I am thirty weeks pregnant and I approximately have sixty-nine days left until my title changes from mom-to-be to just mom. And if we’re being open, I am starting to freak out.

The Nursery

The nursery is almost complete! I am still looking for a few last-minute items such as a side table for when we are sitting in the glider. The walls are painted, the furniture is built, and all the “necessities” that come along with having a baby are slowly making their way into the closet and drawers.

I am so relieved I got everything together in the earlier months because these past few months I am just not in the mood to do much. I am also happy I ordered everything early on because at least half was backordered! The crib, diaper bag, and glider were all backordered as well as a few of the décor items! When it is complete, there will be a nursery reveal so right now I am holding off on pictures.

Other Baby Stuff

One may say I have gone a little crazy with baby purchases. Actually, most people (including my fiancé) would say this. However, I am stuck in the mindset that I only plan on having one baby and I want what I want. She has a closet with cuter clothes than me and I don’t mind one bit.

After months of research, we decided on purchasing the Stokke Xplory stroller in Grey Malange and the matching Nuna Pipa carseat in collaboration with Stokke. You will see a few pictures of me on social media with them simply because they are too pretty to not share with the world.

How I Am Feeling

It is not a hidden secret that I’ve not enjoyed pregnancy. I am nearing the end and still throwing up on a semi regular basis. I have struggled with low iron, a common side effect of pregnancy but also something that is normal in my family. I tried taking iron supplements and they made me extremely sick so now I am trying to consume more through foods than I typically would. I failed my one hour glucose test which shows a possible presence of gestational diabetes however I passed the three hour test. I tried to tell them I had a little too much sweet tea before my first one! It is one habit I haven’t been able to kick. I have switched out my daily sweet tea for daily half and half tea though which I consider a major triumph. As far as my actual appetite goes, I have none. If it weren’t for the nauseous I would probably forget to eat anything at all. As I am writing this, I am eating an Uncrustable PB&J with apple juice. No food sounds appetizing at all and most days I have to force myself to eat anything at all for dinner.

By far my biggest complaint is the trouble I have sleeping. You may or may not know but I am obsessed with my Fit Bit. I love keeping track of my activity as well as my sleep. Almost every day I check to see how I slept the night before and almost every day it gets worse and worse. I wake up on average 6 times every night to use the restroom and it takes me about 2 hours to fall asleep. Knowing I have only less than 3 months left of this madness may be the only motivation I have to get through it.

Birth Classes, The Prego Expo, and Other Fun Events

For those of you do not know, I am a first time mom. However, Jonathan is not a first time daddy. This being said, I feel bad dragging him to all the classes to learn things that he could explain to me in about an hour. I did it anyways. We attended one six hour (yes, six) birthing class early one Saturday morning. Maybe it’s the fact that I worked in childcare for so long or the fact that my sister is ten years younger than me, but I didn’t get much out of it other than bouncing on a yoga ball for three of those six hours. I do want to attend the breastfeeding class before I give birth because that is a totally different ball game that I have never played.

I was recently made aware of a convention being held right around the corner called The Prego Expo which is designed to help new and old moms navigate through the world of momming. It has everything from educational seminars to a maternity fashion show and even has a daddy pep rally. The most exciting part though is the swag bag and all the giveaways you are entered in! We are attending that in two weeks and couldn’t be more excited!

The last and most exciting event on my calendar for the month of August is maternity pictures. We are using the same photographer we have in the past, @laughsandgigglesphotography on Instagram, and I CANNOT WAIT to see the final product. I ordered my dress from Fillyboo Maternity and am patiently waiting by the front door every day at 3PM for the mail to be delivered.

Third Trimester in Short

Uncrustables, applesauce, and juice. Basically, any food targeted for five year olds.

My small body! I am so excited to wear normal clothes again that I have already begun ordering comfy clothes for post pregnancy!

Lately I have been living in maxi dresses on the days my bladder is uncontrollable! The last thing I need is something else pressing down on it! On the easier days I have been going with these maternity jeans and t-shirts with sayings like “But first… pickles.”

Monthly Highlight…
Getting to see the 3D/4D pictures of our baby girl! In my favorite one, she is even smiling!

Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

“Pregnancy is the happiest excuse for feeling like crap.”

Hey y’all, I hope your summer is going well. If you’re living anywhere near me, you’re probably dealing with sweaty (dewy) skin and sticky arm pits most of the days. And if you’re up somewhere in the northern states, just know that I regularly wish we could swap positions for just a day. With more than half of my pregnancy behind me, and my baby shower just around the corner, I thought I’d share a bump date and let you know how everything is going. 

How Far Along: 24 Weeks! A full 6 months! Crazy to think for a while I felt as if I’d never reach the halfway mark. Let me tell you, 20 weeks comes and goes so fast. I remember when I started using my Glow Nurture app and the baby was the size of a chocolate chip. Back then it seemed like I would be pregnant “forever”. 

What We Are Most Excited For: Other than obviously meeting her, we’re most excited to finish setting up the nursery! Probably in another 3-4 weeks it will be all done and ready to be photographed! It’s begin a fun bonding experience and a good way to get Jonathan involved during pregnancy. He loves painting and building so it’s definitely brought out the little boy in him sometimes. 

We’re also extremely excited for the baby shower coming up. It’s super rare that I get to have all my friends and family together since most of them live all over. To have all my favorite people together eating cute cupcakes, drinking MOMosas, and playing silly games – there is not much more I could ask for.

What We Are Least Excited About: Together, Jonathan and I are LEAST excited about delivery day. Going into labor, labor pains, going to the hospital, and getting our little girl out safely. Don’t get me wrong, I knew what I was getting into when we made this decision. I know Jonathan is going to be my rock when it’s my time to go in, he will keep me sane.

Personally, I’m least excited about trying to get back in shape after pregnancy and seeing what my “end body” looks like. I’ve been quite self conscious about my body this pregnancy and no matter how many people tell me how small I am, I’m still 25 lbs heavier than normal. Yes, 25. 

Weight Gain: You read correctly, I’ve gained 25 lbs. Doctor said I would gain 30-35 lbs this pregnancy. So I am truly hoping and praying I don’t go over 35 lbs. I am usually a size 0/2. Let me tell you, I can’t even fit into a size 8 dress right now. My boobs have grown 2-3 sizes and my butt is HUGE.

Movement & Kicking: I definitely feel tons of kicking and punching. She’s usually up all night long and is pretty still during the day. While it’s fun to watch my tummy moving and for Jonathan to feel her, when she is super active it makes me quite nauseous. I do notice her favorite foods are ice cream and frozen slushes from Sonic. If I want to get her moving, I have no problem eating a huge bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream.

How I Am Feeling: I’m feeling pretty good most days… minus the back pain, nauseousness, heart burn, and leg cramps. My back pain has only increased as we predicted. I have chronic back conditions and the doctor warned me the pain would be worse. I get pretty nauseous on a daily basis, something people told me would go away a long time ago. For the first time in my life, I’ve experienced heartburn. It’s an old wives tale that the more heartburn you have, the hairier your baby will be. If this is true I must be giving birth to Chewbacca. The leg cramps in the middle of the night are my least favorite by far. There is nothing like being woken in the middle of the night to a stabbing pain somewhere in your leg. 

Cravings: No specific cravings at this time. I do find when I get to a restaurant, I will order multiple dishes and see what I ACTUALLY want to eat (see my Instagram Post with me and my four desserts).

What I’ve Been Doing: We’ve been placing a strong emphasis on traveling and seeing places we wouldn’t see with Berkeley for a while! As I write this we are preparing to leave to Europe for a week. I’ve been keeping up with school, planning fun trips, getting her nursery put together, house hunting for our “forever home”, and looking at new SUVs! I’ve been super busy which is probably why this pregnancy is flying by!

I also wanted to let you all know I’m working on a huge pregnancy post! I’ll share everything from what I registered for to my new skincare routine. You will want to bookmark it for future use if this path is in your near future!