The PERFECT Eyeshadow Palette?

I hate to be one of those girls, but I am a picky person when it comes to… well, just about anything really. Right now I am going to talk about my picky-ness with eyeshadow palettes. If you know me at all then you know I travel a good amount. With the amount of time I spend on the road or in airplanes, I need small and multifunctional. Believe me when I say though, that just because a palette is small does NOT mean it has the functionality of a great traveling palette. In my mind, the perfect palette needs slim but durable packaging, a combination of QUALITY mattes and shimmers, and priced at an affordable price because you know mamas going to be buying an endless supply of them (since all of my favorites ALWAYS get discontinued).


I recently was watching a favorite Youtuber of mine, NikkieTutorials, and discovered a palette that accommodates all of my desires. At a low price of $23, The Nubian eyeshadow palette by Juvia’s Place gives me everything I need and want in a palette. Let’s dive in and I’ll explain to you why you NEED to add this palette to your collection and call it a day.


When yo0u receive the package from Juvia’s Place, the palette comes in a box identical to the outside of the palette itself. Once you open the box and take the palette out, you uncover sleek cardboard casing similar to that of KylieCosmetics Kyshadow or the Carli Bybel palette. Because it is cardboard, there is no mirror in this palette. Not a good or bad thing in  my opinion as I am usually in front of a mirror anyways when applying makeup. Because there is no mirror, the palette is thin enough to fit nicely in a cosmetics bag or even inside a purse.




What is the PERFECT combination of eyeshadows? If you have an eyeshadow palette that NEEDS other eyeshadows with it to be used well, its not a good combination of shades. The problem I so often find with palettes, is I use one or two colors then resort to my ABH single shadows or another palette to finish the look. The perfect eyeshadow palette gives me multiple complete looks without the need of any other shadows. The Nubian does just that. It contains four transition matte colors and eight shimmers for a total of twelve shadows that come together to create a beautiful earth toned palette. Even though the palette is a bit warm toned, I would not shy away from it if you have fair skin. The shadows are neutral enough to compliment all complexions! The Nubian takes all of my favorite shadows from the Morphe 35O palette, makes the color payoff 10x better, and puts it in cuter more travel friendly packaging. I couldn’t be more in love.

20160930_020826120_ios 20160930_020626337_ios


The Nubian by Juvia’s Place is a palette I will keep reordering until they tell me it’s been discontinued. They currently have a limit of one palette per order due to the high demand but I intend on ordering at least two backups as I am close to hitting pan on a couple of my favorite shades. I support the fact the company is a small business and is also cruelty free. The only critique I have is it did take about 2-3 weeks to receive and it is likely due to the high demand of the product at the time but it was worth the wait. I highly suggest you get your hands on this palette ASAP!

Kylie Cosmetics: Uncensored Opinion

There are certain things in this world that we as a society make fun of and aren’t supposed to like. Smoking, children’s beauty pageants, reality television, and Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line. Now even though Keeping Up With The Kardashians has an average of two million viewers, not many people will openly admit to binge watching the reality tv show about famous people being famous. When Kylie Jenner began KylieCosmetics earlier this year, we all made fun of her attempt at breaking into the makeup world and were only given ammunition when the product turned out terrible. Well after fixing the formulation, packaging, and just about everything else… She came back and shocked us all.

Let’s Address

The Price

The Lip Kits, which contain a lip pencil and a matching matte liquid lipstick, have taken a hit (many actually) for the price point, 29$ USD. I would like to point out this cosmetics line is not sold in drugstores or any stores at all. You cannot walk into CVS, Target, Ulta, or even Sephora and buy this product. This adds a required amount dedication to either Kylie Jenner or the cosmetics industry in order to actually obtain anything from Kylie Cosmetics. When a new shade or product is released on, it is more often than not sold out within an hour. This is both a good and a bad thing. For the younger Kylie fans, and some of the older ones, hysteria occurs when her products become sold out. For most of the older fans, we end up on eBay willing to pay ridiculous amounts to get our favorite shade! The EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND for the product combined with the quality of the product equals the price point. If you walk into Ulta or Sephora, you will be paying anywhere from 40-100$ for a lip liner and lipstick. As you question the price of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, simply compare them to other HIGH END lip products and it seems more and more justifiable.

The Product

My childish spirit tends to come out when trying out new lip products! Maybe because as a child my favorite part of the chapstick was how yummy it smelt! What I love most about the matte liquid lipsticks is the scent. Oh my gosh, it smells like dessert, LIKE VANILLA FROSTING! I could sniff it all day… Actually I have sniffed it all day. The lipstick itself has a moussy texture and is very creamy when first applied. These formulas are not meant to plump the lips. Let me repeat, NO PLUMPING EFFECT! So don’t expect that. This lipstick dries to a MATTE finish which can be quite drying if you don’t moisturize/scrub prior. The corresponding liners are very creamy and easy to apply. I have had issues sharpening the lip pencils due to how creamy they are. You really have to be GENTLE in sharpening them. I have to say, both the liner and liquid lipstick have EXTREME STAYING POWER. The lighter shade come off a bit easier at the end of the day. However, the darker shades like True Brown K you may end up SCRUBBING off!


The Packaging

The packaging for the lipstick is absolutely adorable. The matte liquid lipstick comes in a clear tube, with a dripping/melted lipstick design, black top, and Kylie’s “signature” in script. It has a doe foot applicator, typical of most popular liquid lipsticks. I do believe there was a mistake with the original packaging. Many customers complained about the applicator bristles being bent and useless for applying the product. However, the brand quickly fixed any packaging errors there may have been. The box all of the Kylie Cosmetics products come in is super luxe and makes the whole experience exciting.


All in all I will most likely continue buying products from Kylie Cosmetics. I have not yet had a bad experience and if it aint broke, don’t fix it. I purchased all of these lip kits with my own money and have not been sponsored in any way.




5 Face Masks That Will Change Your Life (And Your Skin)

If your problem is…


My primary problem is and has been dryness for as long as I can remember. I can’t tell you how weird it was walking into Sephora as a young girl and telling the nice lady that my primary problem was dryness. After all, dryness is for old people, right? WRONG! This common misconception makes it hard for young people with dry skin to find products that fix our flaky problem! About six months ago I came across an amazing brand called GlamGlow that I swear up and down by. GlamGlow has face masks for just about every skin concern a woman (or man) can have. The GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment is a mask to fit every skin type but targets dryness, dullness, and uneven skin texture. You can apply it in the daytime for 10 to 20 minutes and wash off or even leave it on overnight for ultimate hydration. My favorite part? The smell. It’s made with coconut extract and honey, two well known sources of healthy skin!


Available at


If you have not yet heard of Bioré, you are missing out on a true gem. This brand never fails to deliver on its’ products and it doesn’t leave my bank account hurting either. The Self Heating One Minute Mask can be found at almost any drugstore or Target/Walmart for about $6 depending on where you’re located. Great if you’re on a budget or short on time. Massage this mask into your skin for only a minute before rinsing with water and you’ll be left with clearer pores and controlled oil throughout the day!


Available at Target, Ulta, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens


Most people have experienced some sort of acne at one point or another in life whether it be during puberty, while pregnant, or around that terrible time of the month. Having dealt with mild acne on and off for about seven years now, I sometimes look in my medicine cabinet and feel like I have tried every acne product available in hopes to finding a simple solution. Quite frankly, there is no facial mask that will make acne disappear in one use. However, I found one I continuously go back to in order to keep my acne under wraps and to minimize pores. It is great for all skin types and many people find it eliminates a lot of their acne with regular use. The mask uses active charcoal and white china clay to pull impurities out of the skin. Origins Clear Improvement face mask can be tricky to find in stores however can be found at the Origins website (link above), $26 for 3.4 fl. oz.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.17.59 PM

Available from Origins


Now you can always use the above mentioned Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask to clear your blackheads out; But in case you need something to further clear out your pores, I cannot recommend the Glam Glow SuperMud Clearing Treatment enough. Even if it means not eating for a few days, I will make sure this mask is in my bathroom at all times. At 1.2 oz for $69, sometimes I feel this mask should cure medicine diseases along with my blackheads. When I slather this thing on every Sunday night, I am always shocked to watch it pull my blackheads out in front of my eyes. You can leave it on for 10, 20, or even 30 minutes. This is my holy grail product that I suggest to everyone no matter what skin type. I even have some sort of pride knowing my boyfriend uses it in his t-zone to eliminate blackheads. I am telling you, IT WORKS! On the off chance you try it and the tingly feeling is too much for your skin or you start to cry over how much you spent on this product, you can return it to Sephora as long as the majority of the product is still there. It’s well worth the splurge.


Available at Sephora


As for (basically) the only skin concern I have not personally dealt with yet, let’s try to tackle the tricky attempt of aging skin. Now I know women in their 40’s who have never seen a wrinkle and I have friends in their 20’s who are aging a bit quicker than imagined. Being very comfortable in the skin/beauty world, I can say one of the few anti aging brands I ever hear anything about is the Dr. Brandt line. For a steep $95, the needles no more 3-D filler mask will “plump, fill, and reshape facial contours”. It is rumored to be a great alternative to Botox if you’re afraid of needles (like me).


Available from Dr. Brandt Skincare